Long time no see

Long time no see my fellow foreign blog readers. You may have wondered why I have not been uploading anything in English in a while. Well, the truth is that there is nothing to report actually. What has happened so far is that my manuscript has been sent to another Literary Agency here in Sweden. I am still trying to spark interest here on home turf, ha ha. Then I do not want to create any expectations either as I did last time.

It is hard to write books especially when you having difficulty in dramaturgy, character development, plot turns you name it. I have read multiple books about the topic, but still… I guess I need more time to fully understand what I am doing as a writer. The hero’s journey is not as simple as it sounds. Especially not for me 😛 I almost expect the agent to scolding me, ha ha.

I am ever so grateful for you readers. Now I have between 1,900 – 2,100 unique visitors each month! 😀 I hope to be able to blog more in English in the future but right now I need to focus on the Swedish publishers and get their attention. I will probably make an update here and there meanwhile I am chasing my dream of becoming a fantasy author 🙂

Fricking beautiful

I am not an avid fan of melodifestivalen but when five stylish men in blazers strolling on a treadmill… that is something! Oh, and add mark to the long-haired dancer *squeals* how cute! He is so similar to a character in my book who is also a dancer. Coincidence? I think not 😉

And of course a new story emerged during their performance. Maybe I should try to write something new after I finished my manuscript and sent it of to Publishers/Agents? Just for fun. A novella? Lad lit with a twist? This could be interesting 🙂

They liked it, but…

“It is undeniably an exciting story and your theme feels just right in time!”

But sadly, my genre was far too small for them. I am so incredibly grateful that they saw something in my manuscript worth liking but I am pretty sad to be honest. So close, yet so far away. To be accepted by a publishing house/literary agent is a rare luxury. I might let Love and Melinde be left alone for a while and write on something else. Though we all know that it is impossible.

Ah, well, time to dust myself off and back in the saddle. I know I am too stubborn to give up my dream.

We have a new record!

Yay! This month I have over 2,000 unique visitors! It may not sound that much to you but this blog have, on average, at least 600 unique visitors each month. So, where are you from? According to statistics I have readers from Sweden, America, France, Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Germany, Denmark, New Zeeland, Australia, Netherlands, Russia and Italy.

Wow, I am truly grateful. I really am. The hardships of writing and beautiful male elves in love seem to arouse interest. I have much to thank Mathia for, though. Without our collaboration I might not have had any readers at all. So, what am I doing? Well, I write a story about two coming elven kings, true love and a dark secret that threatens to tell them apart. My biggest dream is to find a Swedish publishing house or a literary agent who wants to invest in my book. Sadly, same sex desire and fantasy rarely go together in printed form here. I know that homoerotic fantasy is bigger abroad but how do I get there when I use Google translate 24/7?

A little more than two months have passed since I made contact with a literary agent (second). I wonder what they think? The last agent thought that my story was not unique or “wow” enough. Her tone was slightly harsh and almost ironic in the rejection letter.

Whatever the answer is this time, I will continue to work with the manuscript and make it as good as possible. I mean, there must be some who appreciate this genre as much as I do?

Anyhow, I wish all the new readers welcome to my blog! 😀

My nerves

I do not like to wait. Especially when dealing with a manuscript that test its luck with Agencies and such. My work will probably be rejected because how many Swedes would like to read about smexy gay elves and shit? Like, I got loads of it and graphic shit like giving head and frot (okay, enough ranting, ha ha).

Anyway. While struggle with the book the brain concocts new stories (for some reason I can not let go of the world Love and Melinde lives in. It needs to be explored more). Sigh, why is it so hard to concentrate? The agent has not given any response or a plain NO yet so I think that is why. Overthinking at its finest.

I think the story is actually really good though. I was surprised myself after reading what I have written after the break. I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I do.

But my nerves are still a mess.

Temple of the Four Elements

Yesterday I was contacted by a fellow fantasy writer about his bok Temple of the Four Elements. A coming-of-age adventure in the mysterious medieval world of Arkonia. And I thought, why not? Since I write fantasy myself I would like to support others who also write about magic and faraway places. All links are listed below.


Hello there Albin Hagberg Medin! Please, tell me about yourself and your project!

LOTR, Harry Potter, TWOT, GOT, WoW and Dota. I used to live in these fantasy worlds more than “IRL”. I have also studied physics, psychology, been burned out and started a meditation company. Last year I walked 2000km in silence through Europe as part of my peace pilgrimage. And ever since I was a child I wanted to write a book…

The dream

My first visit to Arkonia was in a dream 2012. I woke up in the middle of the night and immediately knew that this world would become a huge fantasy series. I didn’t know much more than that though… It took me three years before I had mustered enough courage to go beyond my thick layers of self critical thoughts and fears and return to Arkonia. To write the first manuscript. For 45 days I isolated myself in a cabin and wrote 1 chapter each day. I only left the cabin once to help a friend move out. (that day I wrote a chapter on my cellphone!)
When I had written the last sentence, I was so excited. I thought the book was finished! Finally! Hahaha… Now, after four rounds of edits and upgrades I know better… It takes some polishing to make a diamond shine.

What makes The Temple of the Four Elements different?

The temple might feel a bit like Hogwarts. The coming-of-age adventures might remind you of Narnia. The great world of Arkonia itself might resemble the epic worlds of Westeros and Robert Jordans masterpiece the Wheel of time.

Don’t let the similarities fool you. This is something new. A new kind of story. In Arkonia there’s no clear line between the good and the evil. There is however, a great prophecy. It tells us about the coming times of chaos and mayhem… times of dragons and descendants of the Twelve gods. Times when the kindness of the many could finally overcome the tyranny of the few…​​

Why did you publish on Kickstarter?​

​I first tried the traditional way, but it felt crazy. Why would I have to search all over the internet for some agents in a far away country? Only to make some salesletter to these agents that make them believe that this book could be monetized? That’s not what I wanted… What I wanted was to invite others to this magical world that touches my heart in ways I still can’t understand. I was lucky. We live in a time when anyone can publish a book (good or bad mind you). I searched for an illustrator and editor instead. I found the most skillful painter-magicians and word-wizards I could ever ask for. Now I am ready. Now we are ready, to open the Temple of the Four Elements for you my friend!

Illustrations © by Sophia

Kickstarter (link)

Website (link)​

What lies ahead?

New year, new opportunities. I actually have no New Year’s resolutions this time, just dreams and rather small goals (ah, well, it would have been great if my book was accepted this year, ha ha).

Regarding the blog, not so much will change. I will blog as usual. Now, however, most focus on the feel good in body and soul and of course write a lot 🙂 I have not touch my manuscript for about three weeks now.

This year I intend to find my own way of doing things. I have for a long time whined about how hard it is to publish homoerotic fantasy in Sweden. This year I want to find a solution to the “problem”. Maybe it is just the plot that does not work?

I am looking forward to continue my internship at the bookstore and do the last semester of my education. I have learned so much and am so grateful that I got this opportunity to develop my writing skills! Working with books has also made me more humble before the craftsmanship of writing.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Oh, the irony

One minute after yesterday’s blog post, I got rejected. In summary, the story was not “wow” enough or unique for them. Yup. Thanks, but no thanks. In other words, my whole writing career is a lie! What I write is not “wow” or innovative, it is shit! Or even worse… Mainstream! 😮 Ha ha, just kidding, but besides the harsh tone they also misspelled the title. Yay!