Long time no see

Long time no see my fellow foreign blog readers. You may have wondered why I have not been uploading anything in English in a while. Well, the truth is that there is nothing to report actually. What has happened so far is that my manuscript has been sent to another Literary Agency here in Sweden. I am still trying to spark interest here on home turf, ha ha. Then I do not want to create any expectations either as I did last time.

It is hard to write books especially when you having difficulty in dramaturgy, character development, plot turns you name it. I have read multiple books about the topic, but still… I guess I need more time to fully understand what I am doing as a writer. The hero’s journey is not as simple as it sounds. Especially not for me 😛 I almost expect the agent to scolding me, ha ha.

I am ever so grateful for you readers. Now I have between 1,900 – 2,100 unique visitors each month! 😀 I hope to be able to blog more in English in the future but right now I need to focus on the Swedish publishers and get their attention. I will probably make an update here and there meanwhile I am chasing my dream of becoming a fantasy author 🙂

A blog update

I have been quite sad and distracted lately. Much has happened on a personal level and in the middle of everything I struggle on with the manuscript (that must be finished before June), which also received a bunch of “that is problematic!” talk… Why is everything  problematic or offensive these days? Is it not enough that two men fencing each other in bed? Where are the women? It is 2017 for fucks sake! And people who do not understand my subclinical hypothyroidism and my fear of getting worse. Yuck, I am not okay at the moment. Still love my job though. It keeps me afloat in this ocean of thoughts.

I will probably blog less frequently from now. I have to cherish my relationships and, above all, take care of myself. This was just a poor blog rant about my mood. I am so sorry about that. Everything was bring to a head when I found out my immune system brought a war against my thyroid (just a little, but still…). I have gotten back the joy and energy thanks to medicine but it can hardly heal what is happening around me.

In a few weeks, I get my much needed vacation. I miss my family and my closest friends. And I miss to write.

Fricking beautiful

I am not an avid fan of melodifestivalen but when five stylish men in blazers strolling on a treadmill… that is something! Oh, and add mark to the long-haired dancer *squeals* how cute! He is so similar to a character in my book who is also a dancer. Coincidence? I think not 😉

And of course a new story emerged during their performance. Maybe I should try to write something new after I finished my manuscript and sent it of to Publishers/Agents? Just for fun. A novella? Lad lit with a twist? This could be interesting 🙂