A strange band of heroes

Actually I feel a little nervous with presenting the rest of the characters to be honest. I mean, I do not want to raise any expectations (If I ever hear the words: when will the book be published? I go crying in a corner). This is the only teaser I will do from now. Since you asked so nicely 🙂

LoveMelindeLove, the main character of the Starkeeper’s wish. A cute redhead with freckles like a starlit sky. A lone wolf with a rich inner life.

Melinde, the dark elf. May seem arrogant at first sight but he has a heart of gold and would never betray his soulmate. Or?





Tay, the half-brother with xenophobic tendencies. He should sit on the throne instead of Love. He has the beauty and the people’s trust.

Flax, the fiddler. A violin player who was born half blind and have a mysterious fondness for the sea.


, the drow elf. The shadow. He would rather play with daggers than magic and stealing rishes without remorse.

Fearyn, the mage. He is a mystery, and the most powerful of the group. Will he ever dare talk about his dark past?




Sanel, the stray elf. The key. No one knows who he is. He is known as a beggar and very shy of people. Ultimately, he will find his place among the guardians.

The sketches are made by © Mathia Arkoniel
Characters by © Anna Pettersson

What would you like read about?

Running low on inspiration (well, I was about to blog about burgers and fries beacause I ate a fantastic dish at our local burger joint to celebrate my acceptance letter to school), I do not know what to blog about. I think my blog is pretty boring to be honest (hey low self-esteem). I just chasing a dream of becoming a published writer and write about horny elves and stuff, ha ha. I do not even know if anyone will like it or if I will be picked up by a publishing house. It is through the blog I can see if it is worth investing in this project. Swedish fantasy it is. My English is not the best. But since I work with Mathia, I would like to share with my foreign readers what is going on with these two:

mellove8_color - Kopia-liten













I wonder how many ship them as much as I do? Sadly, there are no guarantees that they will reach outside of Sweden, or even end up in-between book covers, but as long as I love to write about Love and Melinde, I will do it.

So tell me. What would you like to read about? I need inspiration! 🙂

Now what?

Now everything became immediately complicated. Because guess what? After all the hard work I finally got accepted to school! 😀 Yay! Now, I can spend a whole year with my lovely princes and hopefully finish the manuscript earlier than the last one ha ha.


I also have my job/rehabilitation which starts next week. And a blog with many readers. And a… Sigh, yesterday I decided that I will not start my YouTube channel until I feel better and have better routines. Too much is going on right now and I need to take one thing at a time. I will not abandon the blog completely though. Promise 😉











Speaking of writing. I want this bag so badly! It is from TheLiteraryGiftCompany and of course, this beautiful creation is out of stock *go crying in a corner* but maybe I can find a similar bag elsewhere? Aw, but I love birds and typewriters


Kan jag inte skriva något vettigare än bajs och goja? För det är väl egentligen vad min egen röst är; skit. Det kan inte bli mer än en enda röra när jag inte längre kallar könet vid dess rätta namn och hänger mig fullständigt åt målande beskrivningar. Vem orkar läsa sådant? Romanen glider över i lyrik och blir alldeles för unik. Det är nog inget traditionella förlag vågar satsa på. Den handlar om Förbjuden kärlek mellan två blivande kungar, och en mörk hemlighet som kan komma att skilja dem åt. Hur kunde sammanfattningen av mitt manus få flest “likes” på Tidningen Skrivas facebooksida förresten? Asså shiet, ge ungen en medalj.

Det känns fel att kringgå sättet jag vill skriva på. Den Ranelidska språket, liksom, men jag är rädd för att ingen ska tycka om det. Det är frustrerande när jag inte hittar balansen, kanske ännu mer frustrerande när jag får höra att jag måste bestämma mig för om det är lyrik eller roman jag vill skriva. Det känns som jag har hamnat i en mindre skrivkris. Vem är jag som författare och vad vill jag skriva för böcker? Den röda tråden är tydligen smäktande kärlek mellan fagra män. Kanske skulle börja där.

Instant goosebumps

I have always being a fan of epic movie music, but I never thought I would be so mesmerized by Two steps from Hell. Good Lord, they make me feel invincible when I write, ha ha. I do not know how many times I beaten the reply button now.

*bows in awe* How can someone create such amazing music?