NaNoWriMo update #3

Done. Form now. Geez, it looks like crap to be honest. Complete chaos! But I have managed to bring down the most essential of the plot on paper. Sigh, I am not going to touch my manuscript until December that is for sure, ha ha! 😀




I will probably plan book 2 right away and make a brief synopsis of it, but write something different, like short stories, to get some distance from my fantasy world. But Since Christmas shopping has started, I have very much to do at work so I probably will not have time to write anything anyway 😛

Thankfully, I get the time to edit the Starkeeper’s wish next month 🙂

NaNoWriMo update #2

Failure is always an option.

Gosh, I cannot believe that I soon will reach 40 000 words. My manuscript is, well, very messy, but oh I love it! Right now I find myself at a brothel surrounded by deadly courtesans and dark  magic. In the lower streets of Ro, you never know what you will find 😉 Love and Melinde continue to discover each other and then a wild plot twist appeared and I was like: okay…? 😮 Oh, drama…

Well, let us keep up the good work! A little less than half of November has passed and I feel very excited about my story! I am trying not to think too much about literary agents and such even if I want some kind of approval from them. Like, why should I continue if nobody likes it? Stupid thoughts, but I will try to keep them at bay.

NaNoWriMo update #1

So… I am writing. Like, a lot. Soon I will reach 40 000 words! 😮 Oh my… I do nothing but write, ha ha. Sometimes I need to convince myself that it does not need to be great at first attempt.

My manuscript looks like a battlefield right now. It is chaos! But NaNoWriMo is all about creating routines and just write. Editing can be done later 🙂

Well, back to work!

Rise a pokémon while writing?

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I found the cutest and nerdiest word counter ever (you need an account and an active novel on NaNoWriMo to get one). As you can see there is a poké egg on Lv. 0 to the right. Every time you update your word count on NaNoWriMo your pokémon will level up! 😀 I am still not sure if it will work but hopefully the egg will hatch in November. I think this is a great motivator. Beacuse I have shoosen a bird pokémon I cannot wait to start, ha ha!

You can find more information here.

Anyway. I have started to outline my manuscript for the third time and trying to prepare myself mentally for November. This time I need almost military discipline to finish my shitty first draft on time, but hell yeah, this going to be awesome!

How to balance work and writing

And why it does not work for me. Gosh, I got loads of things to do before the end of November, and I would so love to fill my daily quota of words. I have a lot of inspiration – I want to write! But my head is just too mushy to deal with the manuscript after work. Ha! What excuse. How does the overachievers do? Sleep? Why is it so difficult to get regular routine of writing. I have job routines, easy as pie, writing is also a job, kind of, but why do I browsing the internet instead of create sexy intrigue (I have at least written a really nice love scene…) or epic battles?

I am basically a competitive person, and when I see how my writing buddies update their word counts, I got stressed. Then nothing will be done. Sigh, where you get your focus from? My discipline sucks.