Fricking beautiful

I am not an avid fan of melodifestivalen but when five stylish men in blazers strolling on a treadmill… that is something! Oh, and add mark to the long-haired dancer *squeals* how cute! He is so similar to a character in my book who is also a dancer. Coincidence? I think not 😉

And of course a new story emerged during their performance. Maybe I should try to write something new after I finished my manuscript and sent it of to Publishers/Agents? Just for fun. A novella? Lad lit with a twist? This could be interesting 🙂


So, I finally got Goodreads. Yay! I still have no idea how it works but it will probably be fine, ha ha. You can find me here or click on the Goodreads button to the right.

So, feel free to add me as a friend or watch my shelf grow. There is a lot of books I have not marked yet but it would probably take the whole day 😛

Just what I needed

Finally returned from abroad. First we visited Apeldoorn in the Netherlands to shoot at an exclusive car show on behalf of I got a stylish orange vest with their logo on and press pass. I felt so special, ha ha! And I got really close to a red Mclaren. Dayum…

Then we drove to a small village called Tecklenburg in Germany. And wow, just wow. Many of the houses were half-timbered and some were lopsided, others old with flaky paint. There was cobbled streets, narrow alleys and cute shops. I have always had trouble describing the surroundings when I write but now I was able to study the buildings in depth and feel the atmosphere! 😀 The houses would fit perfectly into the two kingdoms populated by humans and mages.

We also visited Walsrode and the Weltvogelpark. As a bird enthusiast, I felt like a small child on Christmas Eve. I literally squealed with joy when I saw the penguins. I loved every second of the visit 🙂

So, I am back on track again. I left the laptop at home and passed the time by reading. It was very nice to go offline and not follow everything that happens on social media. Now I will take the opportunity to write on my manuscript. My inspiration are too damn high at the moment, ha ha.

What would you like read about?

Running low on inspiration (well, I was about to blog about burgers and fries beacause I ate a fantastic dish at our local burger joint to celebrate my acceptance letter to school), I do not know what to blog about. I think my blog is pretty boring to be honest (hey low self-esteem). I just chasing a dream of becoming a published writer and write about horny elves and stuff, ha ha. I do not even know if anyone will like it or if I will be picked up by a publishing house. It is through the blog I can see if it is worth investing in this project. Swedish fantasy it is. My English is not the best. But since I work with Mathia, I would like to share with my foreign readers what is going on with these two:

mellove8_color - Kopia-liten













I wonder how many ship them as much as I do? Sadly, there are no guarantees that they will reach outside of Sweden, or even end up in-between book covers, but as long as I love to write about Love and Melinde, I will do it.

So tell me. What would you like to read about? I need inspiration! 🙂

I’ve been waiting for this night

Oh my gosh. Eargasm. I really liked Lithuania’s contribution in the ESC. I do not know how many times I have hit the reply button, ha ha. The song text reminds me about the forbidden but true love between Love and Melinde. Ah 

What song was your favorite?

When I see your smile and your beautiful eyes
I get lost in time, now I know that I’ve
I’ve been waiting for this night, I’ve been waiting for this night

Instant goosebumps

I have always being a fan of epic movie music, but I never thought I would be so mesmerized by Two steps from Hell. Good Lord, they make me feel invincible when I write, ha ha. I do not know how many times I beaten the reply button now.

*bows in awe* How can someone create such amazing music?