Work, work, work

Much to do at work. Check.

Annoyed/angry/stressed/yada yada yada customers. Check.

Customers who believe you can conjure up a book that is out of stock. Check.

Too much books on sale. Check.

It is chaotic, but incredibly fun. Right now we have great sales on books, as we usually have during February and March. This attracts costumers in all possible shapes. Yesterday I was close to meltdown when a customer scolded me in front of my colleague. Phew… It is said that the customer is always right, but not this time.

I have thought of writing a lot but have not had time to write. The job has taken a lot of space and when I finally get a gap in the schedule I paint my nails instead *sigh* no discipline 😛 I miss my characters. Hopefully next week is calmer.

Ugh, this was a poor blog post but it does not happen so much right now. I work and write on my spare time. May not be the most fun to read about I think. The goal is to finish editing in April and send off the manuscript again. I will keep you updated 🙂

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