We have a new record!

Yay! This month I have over 2,000 unique visitors! It may not sound that much to you but this blog have, on average, at least 600 unique visitors each month. So, where are you from? According to statistics I have readers from Sweden, America, France, Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Germany, Denmark, New Zeeland, Australia, Netherlands, Russia and Italy.

Wow, I am truly grateful. I really am. The hardships of writing and beautiful male elves in love seem to arouse interest. I have much to thank Mathia for, though. Without our collaboration I might not have had any readers at all. So, what am I doing? Well, I write a story about two coming elven kings, true love and a dark secret that threatens to tell them apart. My biggest dream is to find a Swedish publishing house or a literary agent who wants to invest in my book. Sadly, same sex desire and fantasy rarely go together in printed form here. I know that homoerotic fantasy is bigger abroad but how do I get there when I use Google translate 24/7?

A little more than two months have passed since I made contact with a literary agent (second). I wonder what they think? The last agent thought that my story was not unique or “wow” enough. Her tone was slightly harsh and almost ironic in the rejection letter.

Whatever the answer is this time, I will continue to work with the manuscript and make it as good as possible. I mean, there must be some who appreciate this genre as much as I do?

Anyhow, I wish all the new readers welcome to my blog! 😀

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