Temple of the Four Elements

Yesterday I was contacted by a fellow fantasy writer about his bok Temple of the Four Elements. A coming-of-age adventure in the mysterious medieval world of Arkonia. And I thought, why not? Since I write fantasy myself I would like to support others who also write about magic and faraway places. All links are listed below.


Hello there Albin Hagberg Medin! Please, tell me about yourself and your project!

LOTR, Harry Potter, TWOT, GOT, WoW and Dota. I used to live in these fantasy worlds more than “IRL”. I have also studied physics, psychology, been burned out and started a meditation company. Last year I walked 2000km in silence through Europe as part of my peace pilgrimage. And ever since I was a child I wanted to write a book…

The dream

My first visit to Arkonia was in a dream 2012. I woke up in the middle of the night and immediately knew that this world would become a huge fantasy series. I didn’t know much more than that though… It took me three years before I had mustered enough courage to go beyond my thick layers of self critical thoughts and fears and return to Arkonia. To write the first manuscript. For 45 days I isolated myself in a cabin and wrote 1 chapter each day. I only left the cabin once to help a friend move out. (that day I wrote a chapter on my cellphone!)
When I had written the last sentence, I was so excited. I thought the book was finished! Finally! Hahaha… Now, after four rounds of edits and upgrades I know better… It takes some polishing to make a diamond shine.

What makes The Temple of the Four Elements different?

The temple might feel a bit like Hogwarts. The coming-of-age adventures might remind you of Narnia. The great world of Arkonia itself might resemble the epic worlds of Westeros and Robert Jordans masterpiece the Wheel of time.

Don’t let the similarities fool you. This is something new. A new kind of story. In Arkonia there’s no clear line between the good and the evil. There is however, a great prophecy. It tells us about the coming times of chaos and mayhem… times of dragons and descendants of the Twelve gods. Times when the kindness of the many could finally overcome the tyranny of the few…​​

Why did you publish on Kickstarter?​

​I first tried the traditional way, but it felt crazy. Why would I have to search all over the internet for some agents in a far away country? Only to make some salesletter to these agents that make them believe that this book could be monetized? That’s not what I wanted… What I wanted was to invite others to this magical world that touches my heart in ways I still can’t understand. I was lucky. We live in a time when anyone can publish a book (good or bad mind you). I searched for an illustrator and editor instead. I found the most skillful painter-magicians and word-wizards I could ever ask for. Now I am ready. Now we are ready, to open the Temple of the Four Elements for you my friend!

Illustrations © by Sophia

Kickstarter (link)

Website (link)​

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