1st of December

And it means editing time! 😀 Okay, I cheated and started a little earlier but I got such a flow that I just had to! I also took a risk two weeks ago and sent a bunch of text to two literary Agencys. Yup. I am an idiot sandwich of epic proportions, but hey, no guts no glory! Right? The most common thing to do in Sweden, as an aspiring writer, is to send the whole manuscript directly to publishers. Literary agencies is fairly new here and probably harder to get as a debutant 😛 But it felt so right, though.

Fantasy and fair men who love each other do not seem to be a viable concept in Sweden. Perhaps it would have worked better abroad? I mean, look at all the lists of homoertica/gay love/gay fantasy/gay whatever at Goodreads. I think most of the novels are written by American authors?

My contribution has been placed in a queue and I must expect that it will take between two to three months before I receive a reply. They seemed very professional and nice in their approach. I was surprised to even get a confirmation email, ha ha. I have no expectations in the slightest (ugh, who am I trying to fool…) at least I have become more humble after all the rejections I received on my latest manuscript. It is a challenge to write a story you believe in.


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