Just what I needed

Finally returned from abroad. First we visited Apeldoorn in the Netherlands to shoot at an exclusive car show on behalf of car.info. I got a stylish orange vest with their logo on and press pass. I felt so special, ha ha! And I got really close to a red Mclaren. Dayum…

Then we drove to a small village called Tecklenburg in Germany. And wow, just wow. Many of the houses were half-timbered and some were lopsided, others old with flaky paint. There was cobbled streets, narrow alleys and cute shops. I have always had trouble describing the surroundings when I write but now I was able to study the buildings in depth and feel the atmosphere! 😀 The houses would fit perfectly into the two kingdoms populated by humans and mages.

We also visited Walsrode and the Weltvogelpark. As a bird enthusiast, I felt like a small child on Christmas Eve. I literally squealed with joy when I saw the penguins. I loved every second of the visit 🙂

So, I am back on track again. I left the laptop at home and passed the time by reading. It was very nice to go offline and not follow everything that happens on social media. Now I will take the opportunity to write on my manuscript. My inspiration are too damn high at the moment, ha ha.

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