What would you like read about?

Running low on inspiration (well, I was about to blog about burgers and fries beacause I ate a fantastic dish at our local burger joint to celebrate my acceptance letter to school), I do not know what to blog about. I think my blog is pretty boring to be honest (hey low self-esteem). I just chasing a dream of becoming a published writer and write about horny elves and stuff, ha ha. I do not even know if anyone will like it or if I will be picked up by a publishing house. It is through the blog I can see if it is worth investing in this project. Swedish fantasy it is. My English is not the best. But since I work with Mathia, I would like to share with my foreign readers what is going on with these two:

mellove8_color - Kopia-liten













I wonder how many ship them as much as I do? Sadly, there are no guarantees that they will reach outside of Sweden, or even end up in-between book covers, but as long as I love to write about Love and Melinde, I will do it.

So tell me. What would you like to read about? I need inspiration! 🙂

2 thoughts on “What would you like read about?

  1. More teasers what’s going on with the other characters in your story? :)) There was an entry about Love somewhere here. (Snooping the gallery of Mathia, there is a Drow involved, too?) But fries and burgers are also nice! – Or cats! 😀

    1. Oh, do you mean Zandor? Well, I will probably make more teasers in the future regarding my other characters. I’m a little secretive right now because I don’t want to create any expectations 😛

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