Now what?

Now everything became immediately complicated. Because guess what? After all the hard work I finally got accepted to school! 😀 Yay! Now, I can spend a whole year with my lovely princes and hopefully finish the manuscript earlier than the last one ha ha.


I also have my job/rehabilitation which starts next week. And a blog with many readers. And a… Sigh, yesterday I decided that I will not start my YouTube channel until I feel better and have better routines. Too much is going on right now and I need to take one thing at a time. I will not abandon the blog completely though. Promise 😉











Speaking of writing. I want this bag so badly! It is from TheLiteraryGiftCompany and of course, this beautiful creation is out of stock *go crying in a corner* but maybe I can find a similar bag elsewhere? Aw, but I love birds and typewriters

2 thoughts on “Now what?

    1. Hello Larissa!
      Oh, thank you ever so much for your lovely comment and link! 😀 I promise to do more English updates in the future!

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